Every organisation operating in regulated industries will have their own business objectives that drive their work programmes as they aim to stay ahead of the competition.

Legislative and Regulatory changes, however, are frequently introduced on top of these activities and create increased demand, often to challenging timescales, that cannot be avoided.

To make matters worse, initially at least, many of these requirements are ambiguous preventing plans and resources being mobilised early with a clear impact assessment on projects that are already scheduled.

In the last three years alone, compliance challenges such as MIFID2 and the Payment Service Directive 2 have emerged in the financial services industry, Scotland are setting up their own Social Security Agency with impacts reaching back to the Department for Work & Pensions and the General Data Protection Regulation has impacted, well, EVERYONE.

The mobilisation of these programmes results in an organisation’s most skilled resources being re-directed, everyone becoming far too stretched and all to meet deadlines that, in the vast majority of cases, cannot be altered.

We completely understand the demands that unreasonable deadlines make of people and projects. We bring an independent and objective view to how you can deliver to these deadlines and specifically, provide you with teams of specialist quality assurance resources that completely understand the role and skill, making your entire project more efficient and focused.

We can also support the delivery of the already in-flight deliveries to enable you to focus on any domain knowledge that is needed to be redirected to the regulatory projects enabling you to continue to improve your speed to market and delivery quality.

Finally, our senior leadership team, with more than 100 years’ experience in delivering the largest and most complex programmes in Europe offer added value, support and advice to your senior stakeholders to ensure that these initiatives are delivered on time to the satisfaction of the legislative and regulatory authorities.

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