What is Testing? - Our First Event

Being brand new to the industry and almost 2 months into our journey with 2i, there is one word we agreed summed up our experience so far… “WOW”.

Going with the Flow – Embedding Testing in DevOps

As we start 2020, we are still seeing increasing amounts of organisations looking to implement the principles of DevOps in the Enterprise.

Into the Lion’s Den: From Graduate to Gladiator

Since joining the 2i team as a Graduate this time last year, I have been on a continuous learning journey which, before joining, I couldn’t have begun to fathom.

Safely traversing the scrum master tight rope

As Agile development and Scrum methodology become more commonplace across the industry, the role of Scrum Master is one that most of us will have come across in one way or another.

It's all Testing's fault

I’m sure we’ve all seen headlines, read articles or been in meetings where software issues are declared to be the fault of Testing.

Digital Minefields - Are You Really Risk Protected?

With the transition towards banks embracing digital delivery, customers are increasingly interacting and dependant on 24/7 banking services. In our point of view, we demonstrate why your investment in test and QA can protect you from financial and reputational damage.

IR35 – Playing the man, not the ball

My views on what I’m seeing with respect to IR35 but more specifically, the recent Off-Payroll Tax legislation introduced in April 2017.

When is the right time to think about Testing?

We probably all know of organisations who have failed to factor robust testing into their delivery plans, 2i can help you.

Our duty of care to ensure Testing is not ignored

Many of us in the technology industry are focussing on completing submissions to secure a place on Government frameworks and win tenders.

The 10 C’s towards becoming a Testing practitioner

As I start a new chapter of my career with 2i Testing, I have set myself a new goal to achieve - to become a more seasoned and steadfast testing practitioner.
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