Introducing our Meet the Team Series. In this blog, we introduce you to Liam Meagher, a Quality Engineer who joined 2i in September 2019.

2i is growing rapidly, building a diverse team of software testing experts, and contributing to Scotland's technical skills development community by working with key organisations like CodeClan.

Liam Meagher joined the team in September 2019. He began his journey first by attending university to learn software development, a focus only on building apps. 2i piqued his interest as it required a change in mindset, from not only creating the code but then also making sure it worked well.

The pandemic has actually provided him with a lot more freedom and independence in how he works, and this also forced him to take responsibility for his own learning and development, an experience he has found very rewarding despite the difficult challenges of the lock-downs.

Liam had already been aware of 2i and heard they were looking for new recruits. He was enticed to join as he was particularly impressed with how forward-looking they are and excited about the opportunities for the further personal development this will present him with.

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Author: 2i Testing