Friday. Everyones favourite day of the week finally arrived and it was time to reconnect, 2i style! When the clock struck 4, we headed down to SpitFire Bar; a relatively new and quirky City Centre venue where we were met with a refreshing welcome cocktail upon arrival.

Since their introduction back in October 2010 the ‘’2i Connect’’ tradition has lived on as we have continued to host at least 3 connects, including a Christmas Party every year. The aim of the 2i Connect is to do exactly what it says on the tin and provide us with the opportunity to bring all of our employees and contractors together. As we work across many different client sites, it is important for us to provide our contractors with the chance to meet new faces, get to know the office staff and also keep up to date with 2i's progress.

With the last 2i get together being held back in February, this one was long overdue. As we have increased our total staff headcount by another 20 testers since the beginning of the year, it was about time to reconnect. The conversation between colleagues and drinks flowed all night and everyone indulged in some top knotch, American BBQ style food. After some much needed mingling, everyone was then summoned to join round our COO; Ian Bell for a brief company update which covered new clients and contractors, plans for the future and invites to our Christmas Party and 10th Birthday Party in November. After a quick progress report, it left our COO with just enough time to offer a brilliant little incentive to our current staff to sweeten up the idea of becoming a permie.

Now while we let this new incentive resonate with our current staff, we want to let YOU know that not only do we offer an incentive to our current employees for referring permanent candidates to 2i but, we also offer all of the listed benefits below when you actually join us on a permanant basis:

  • Duvet Days
  • Bonus Schemes
  • Pension Scheme
  • Professional Subscriptions
  • Holiday Buy Schemes: you can buy or sell upto 5 days per year
  • Childcare Vouchers
  • Life Insurance
  • Group income protection
  • Medical Insurance
  • IFA: independant financial review if you wish

At 2i we understand that there are many advantages of contracting in the software testing industry. That's why we want to match the attraction to this type of work with our very own benefits scheme!

If you are interested in working for a bespoke software testing and consultancy services company,where you will be acknowledged as part of the family rather than just as a member of staff then please contact lovely Leeanne; Our Human Resources Manager who will be happy to discuss all opportunities further with you further -

Please note: To be considered for a position, you must know how to have a good time just like the rest of us here!