Planning, Preparing and Executing a System Test, System Integration Testing and User Acceptance Testing Close collaboration yields the best results for clients

Initially appointed to plan, prepare and execute System Test, System Integration Testing and User Acceptance Testing to support the migration of a revenue management system from another business to our client, we quickly became aware that the complexity of integrating the new system with existing data had been significantly underestimated.

With complex fee and billing structures for 4,000 accounts generating revenue in excess of £10m per annum, our client, an investment management bank, was contractually obliged to meet a previously agreed deadline. We had to work to an extremely aggressive timescale to support them and achieved our objectives by working closely with the revenue management system developers to define their functionality needs.

  • We delivered System Testing, System Integration Testing and User Acceptance Testing within agreed timescales and implemented the revenue management system to the deadline required to process fees

  • We provided production support and system knowledge, gained during testing, to calculate and arrange payment of management and adviser charge fees and invoicing over a nine month period

  • We implemented defect management to cover resolution and implementation during production support

  • We data cleansed test levels during production with proof of concept carried out in a test environment

  • We carried out proof of concept and volume tests on the new application to move our client’s existing business off manual spreadsheets and onto the revenue management system

  • We helped to build processes and procedures for the finance team for training and audit purposes

  • We provided training, knowledge and experience as part of a project to transition the business team between departments


"2i was able to deliver a 6 month project within 3 months thanks to applied and structured processes."