Training a New Team to Become Testers Intelligent recruitment & effective training for significant cost savings

Integrating two teams is always a challenge – and even more so when they work in offices over 7,000 km apart!

Our client, as part of a large cost reduction exercise that was impacting on their EMEA Test Team, decided that a large number of onshore contractor resources should be transitioned to an offshore model. 2i were brought in to recruit, set up and train the new team of testers in Pune, India to join the EMEA Test Team in the UK.

With a total of 150 applicants for 12 positions, all from existing staff in the India Operations team who had no prior testing knowledge, the recruitment task required meticulous planning and an intelligent recruitment process to ensure the best possible team for the job.

  • We reviewed CVs and aptitude tests from the 150 candidates to create a shortlist of 30 who were then interviewed by phone and reduced to 12

  • We visited the 12 successful candidates at their base in India, welcoming them into the team and also running interviews for the Test Manager position

  • During the India trip, we addressed some of the challenges highlighted during the selection process, including lack of previous test training, and formalised the new relationship between the India and UK teams

  • We ran an intensive 3-day training programme to put the staff through ISTQB Foundation certification, giving them the knowledge they’d need for testing as well as an industry recognised qualification – an 85% success rate was achieved!

“A 60% cost reduction for the EMEA Test Team has been achieved”