As part of our commitment to streamlining our processes. We have now implemented our new HR system, provided by NaturalHR. With this new system in place this ensures that all of our HR processes are now simple and efficient. It also enables us to communicate with staff quickly helping to sustain our organisational culture. 

With this new system now rolled out, we are already seeing a reduction in paper waste helping towards one of our CSR goals of becoming a greener company. Other benefits we are expecting to see from the new system are, higher employee engagement, a clearer company vision and reduced HR costs.

This is a welcome change and we look forward to seeing what this new system can do for us. As the saying goes "Work smarter, not harder". 

2i Testing
2i Testing:

2i specialises in delivering software testing services for organisations ranging in size from public sector organisations to international finance houses. At the core of our business is the provision of large scale managed testing services, resource augmentation, automation testing, and test consultancy to help with the delivery of a specific project or programme.