Kash started at 2i as a Trainee Software Tester as part of our newly launched Talent Development Programme. A home grown computer whizz kid, Kash realised his passion for the IT industry during his childhood, where the days of dial up internet were the norm.

Read on to hear how Kash’s journey to a career in Software Testing ended up at 2i’s door.

Welcome to the 2i family, Kash. Why don’t you tell me a bit about your background?

Thanks Olivia. Well in 1998, I received my first computer and by the age of 16 I had become a self-taught techie, fixing my neighbours computers for pocket money and building websites for fun. When the time came to decide on a career, I turned to my parents for support and I went with their suggestion as I didn’t know what to do. By the time I had finished my studies in Construction Project Management, I had decided IT was the only way forward. Thankfully in this day and age a degree in any field can open up many different avenues and I sold myself on my project management skills. In turn, this earned me my place on a Business Change & Technology Graduate Scheme within a well-known UK based financial institute.

It’s great to hear that nowadays you are able to access a diverse range of opportunities based on various disciplines you have learnt from a degree in any field. This explains why you chose IT but, what piqued your interest in Software Testing? We all know it’s not seen as a young and trendy industry!

As I mentioned just a moment ago, I used to build websites so I already had a key interest in designing and building websites. To be totally honest, I didn’t know about Software Testing until I got a sneak preview during my graduate scheme placement and by that time, I was 22. What got me really into software testing was my inherent nature of being a perfectionist, ensuring things worked the way they should! As part of my final placement on the graduate scheme, I did a 6 month placement in User Experience. One of the tasks I was given in my project team involved finding bugs and design defects on a website that I would report back to the developer to fix. It was this part of my role that I enjoyed most; knowing I was directly improving the quality of a website so that the end user or customer didn’t need to have a poor experience. Findings bugs became somewhat of an obsession for me, and as a software tester you are doing just that, so a career in software testing made complete sense.

I see, so we have identified that part of the problem is that Software Testing isn’t seen as a career path. It is not widely spoken about at schools, career fairs etc. and therefore lacks young talent. Test professionals seem to have fallen into Software Testing rather than aiming to become a Tester! What skills do you possess that you believed would be valuable to the testing field or 2i?

I think the project management side of my degree really helped me grasp aspects of the role I played during my placement and I feel that once you’ve got those skills you don’t really lose them. In the Testing field, you are able to progress into the Test Management space which is something I would like to consider for the future. I’m sure the PM skills I have acquired will come in handy then. To add to this, I am a quick learner and hold fundamental IT skills which act as a good foundation to build on. These abilities, along with my drive and passion for the IT industry made me an ideal candidate for this programme. ‘’Or maybe it was my smile?’’ He jokes!

I am sure you’ll make a fine TM at 2i one day Kash! And we agree with what you’re saying there, that’s why we chose you, but why did you choose 2i?

When I read up on 2i and everything 2i offered, I knew the capable hands of 2i was the perfect direction to point my career in. With an Academy and Resourcing arm I knew you had the resources to train me up in the areas I needed most like the ISTQB qualification. I liked the fact that 2i works within a niche market; the financial services sector which compliments the experience I’d already gained during my placement within the financial organisation. On top of the advantageous career aspects to the training programme, 2i gave me a fantastic benefits package which covered a Pension Scheme to 2i Duvet Days.

What will you gain from it?

There is so much to be gained from this experience. First and foremost, I will be a fully trained Software Tester with a solid knowledge base in the Finance sector, and in particular Investment banking. The programme will give me my first real step into the world of Testing and help me to progress my Testing career. I’ll be learning from experts in the field which in my opinion is the best way to learn anything and plus you can gain a lot from working in a happy environment.

I am glad to hear all your positive thoughts, you will make a great addition to the 2i family! I look forward to your on-going updates throughout your training.

Readers, stay tuned for Kash’s diary updates!