I must admit it all came together in an unsystematic fashion but then I’m sure many of the finest initiatives do..

To take you back to where this all began, Leeanne Mitchell; who is now our HR Manager started out in back office administration. After training and gaining valuable experience through 2i she now runs our HR, rolling out processes and procedures companywide. Leeanne has recently enrolled on the CIPD Intermediate course to gain the necessary accreditation for HR and we’re really proud to be able support her throughout this. Leeanne has been a dedicated member of 2i since day one and her commitment has opened up many opportunities for her. The tradition of investing in individuals has carried on throughout the years providing our employees with the chance to upskill and gain qualifications in their field, from CIPD for HR to the ISTQB for Software Testing.

The ingenuity behind our Talent Development Programme came to light when we recognised how important investing in the right people had become to us as a company over the 10 years in business. Although it was an unconventional inauguration, this was why we decided to introduce a recognised programme that benefitted both us and individuals who had the potential to step into a different field through training and experience at 2i.

In summer 2014, I joined the company as a Social Media Administrator and I was slightly in the dark about what that would entail other than the obvious; tweeting and posting on Facebook! I’d come from a background in Production but I decided I wanted a change in career and another challenge so I was lucky when I was offered an opportunity to roll out an exciting new position within the company. I’ve been supported by 2i by training courses and have attended relevant industry specific conferences to improve my overall understanding of digital marketing and the IT sector. Having started out with no knowledge of how social media worked within a business environment, I am now running our company blog, content marketing strategy, social network profiles and our website. In addition to this, I help organise our events and spend time brainstorming for our company marketing efforts and initiatives such as the Talent Development programme.

This year we gained our first Trainee Software Tester as part of 2i’s TDP and we couldn’t be more excited to have Kash on board. As there was no such thing as the TDP at the time, Kash was in luck when he stumbled upon our company through word of mouth. Director of 2i; Ian Bell was impressed from the get-go,seeing that Kash had enthusiasm, drive and a passion for the IT Industry matched with a mutual respect for our company values. All of these personal attributes along with a sound understanding of IT fundamentals made Kash the ideal candidate to put our TDP initiative to the test. Make sure you check in for our next blog post on Kash’s first encounter with me for his thoughts on the Talent Development Programme so far.

We are thrilled to announce that to kick off 2016, we'll be welcoming our 2nd official TDP team member. Angus will join our team as a trainee software tester which will compliment his extensive knowledge in Investment banking. After many years of resourcing in the IT Industry, we have identified a large skills gap in the areas we need testers. As we specialise in testing within the financial sector, with a strong emphasis on investment banking, we are continually on the lookout for permanent and contract Test Professionals who host a wide-range of testing skills and a solid financial background to become part of 2i. With training employees being something that 2i has always embraced, bringing both Kash and Angus on board brought the initiative to invest in talented individuals to a head and we officialised our efforts in the form of our Talent Development Programme.

Although we have acknowledged other areas of the business for participation in the TDP in the past and are open to doing so in the future, we predominantly focus on Testing as this is at the heart of our organisation. If you are interested in an opportunity like our Talent Development Programme then keep your eyes peeled for the supporting information appearing on our website. There will be a detailed overview of all the training we may provide you with during the programme and what will be expected of anyone joining us on the TDP.

‘Til then Readers!