At 2i, risk management is our core area of expertise. Our people understand the business and technology risks that our clients operate with and know how to mitigate them and help them deliver projects with certainty.

Our Managed Test Service is based on the principle that clients engage with suppliers to make things easier for them, not more complex. That’s why we’re so passionate about tailoring the service to what is actually required rather than confusing clients with add-ons and “service credits”.

We take time to understand the current position, ensure we know the destination of the journey clients are on and we then implement a structure that ensures they get there.
Our team will mobilise quickly but will still be aligned to our client’s ability to adopt the service efficiently and without distraction.

Once the Service is established, by improving their recruitment and onboarding process, our clients will be able to divert their staff to critical, value-add activities which increase their productivity whilst we improve the quality and speed of their onboarding activities.

This allows our clients to leave everything test-related to us, safe in the knowledge we will deliver the service in a structured outcome-focused way, whilst they gain from having an expert and endless stream of test and risk experts to call upon as and when needed.

Our industry-leading Test Practice model is the basis on which our Managed Test Service is built upon, meaning that the Managed Test Service can cover every quality aspect from People and Process through to Automation and Environments.

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