As technical landscapes become increasingly complex integration within and between systems is a critical aspect of change delivery and an area of potential business and technical risks organisations increasingly need to consider as part of their change deliveries.

Integration testing is a key component to enable organisations to investigate the risks posed and acquire the information necessary to make informed decisions aligned to risk appetite.

Our highly skilled team can engage early in a product development process and work collaboratively with you to define and implement the appropriate approach to integration testing to increase your certainty of delivery.

Our approach

What we bring to your organisation

Our team will identify and define the functional requirements of your project.
Our team will define a test strategy aligned with your risk appetite and agreed quality expectations.
Risk Analysis
Our team will identify and analyse integration risks and appropriate mitigation.
Our team will implement an appropriate test strategy, including test design, execution and analysis of results.
Our team will conduct an analysis of your technical architecture and understanding of the integration risks to identify appropriate test tools to investigate through testing.
Our team will deliver meaningful Testing MI to support informed decision making on integration risks.