Our approach to performance testing ensures effective analysis of the system and organisational requirements considering end-to-end usage, rather than focusing solely on the technical solution, supporting identification and assessment of business, technology and operational risks and appropriate performance goals.

Utilising the most current tools and techniques our performance testing approach determines how a system performs in terms of responsiveness and stability under a defined workload which also enables analysis on the scalability, reliability and resource usage of the system. Through appropriate tool selection we enable provision of the detailed diagnostic information required to eliminate bottlenecks and ensure efficiency.

Our highly skilled team can engage early in a product development process and ensure meticulous execution of all stages of performance testing life cycle.

Using industry standard approaches, we carry out detailed study of the expected usage of an application in terms of infrastructure and system configuration to ensure that performance related risks can be investigated at the earliest point in the delivery lifecycle, including through performance testing as part of deployment pipelines and testing of the application in an integrated environment. Our test results can be utilised to implement system and component tuning.

Our performance test suite can also be used to support other areas of operational acceptance testing like disaster recovery while the systems are under specific load.

Our approach

What we bring to your organisation

Our team will define your non-Functional requirements and analysis.
Our team will develop a performance test strategy aligned with your risk appetite and agreed quality expectations.
Our team will implement the performance test strategy, including test design, execution and analysis of results.
Our team will benchmark and provide recommendations for performance improvement to support informed decisions on risks.