User Acceptance Testing

We pride ourselves in our ability to ensure that User Acceptance Testing is carried out for our clients with the best interest of the customer in mind at all times.

We realise that UAT is often a contentious area!

Should it be carried out by a User? Or a Professional Tester? We believe it should be a mix of both to suit the demands and needs of your business. We have a proven track record in providing Managed User Acceptance Testing services to our clients. Be it Governance, UAT oversight or acting as a full proxy for your User (external or internal), 2i are able to build the solution which suits your business needs.

User Acceptance Testing, given its nature of needing to demonstrate the product, is the last link in the software development lifecycle. The result of this is finding crucial issues at the last minute! We work with our clients’ development, system test and integration test teams to ensure that UAT is not an afterthought. We also ensure that UAT is done as early as possible in the Software development lifecycle, while engaging with your users and where possible, customers.

2i’s approach will help you limit any last minute surprises which have the potential to delay or even derail your project.

  • Case Study: Transition to an Agile Testing Methodology

    "The amount of tests executed per month following the transition to Agile for System Testing, increased from 30 to 275 leading to a 500% increase in defect detection!"

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