To ensure your quality is managed and embedded throughout all of your delivery activities, you need software testing and QA processes to be owned, implemented and embedded ACROSS your organisation.

Combined with process and product quality metrics, this enables you to continually improve and optimise your teams to deliver quality products.

We bring all of this expertise through our proven Quality Assurance & Test Practice model.

We will help you embed quality into your business requirements which will build confidence and certainty into your delivery portfolios.

Once introduced, our QA and Test Practice, powered by the strategic elements of our AssureRMF solution, will support the continued governance of quality into your solution deliveries, even when your delivery teams are distributed throughout your organisation.

  • Quality Framework

    Embedding quality engineering and test practices across solution delivery to ensure quality is integral to your organisation.

  • QA & Test Strategy

    To enable and support consistent implementation and improvement of test and quality assurance deliverables across your organisation, our quality governance model is delivered through our Quality Assurance and Test Practice.

  • Quality Governance

    By embedding our quality framework across your organisation through our QAT Practice model, we deliver consistency and certainty that your QAT delivery is targeting risk.

Examples of where we have implemented our Quality Assurance and Test (QAT) Practice model;

We manage the QAT Practice within a large Investments organisation, implementing improved practices and processes across their delivery programmes.

This focuses on ownership of;

  • Designing a software testing process to meet the programme’s agile delivery model as well as delivering a UAT approach that focuses the business on testing key business outcomes
  • Driving risk-based test approaches that target the key risks to be mitigated in the solution under test reducing low-value test effort
  • Delivering key quality metrics that enables a real-time view of product quality such as the test status of key business outcomes
  • Testability reviews to ensure design and delivery approaches enable much more efficient testing

For our public sector client, our QAT Practice model identifies industry best practice to continually improve delivery timelines, such as;

  • Test Automation to reduce regression test duration by almost 80%
  • Implementing a Behaviour Driven Development approach to enable a shared understanding of value to be delivered coupled with an accelerated acceptance testing stage
  • Implementing modern performance test tooling to enable constant performance testing in the continuous integration pipeline which highlighted performance issues on an AWS cloud hosted solution
When implemented...

...our unique approach will provide your Agile and DevOps teams with;

Quality Ownership
A shared understanding and agreement on what quality means for your organisation with clearly defined.
Robust Quality Assurance & Test Practices
Build quality into your delivery products and prevent and remove risk at the earliest possible stage in the process.
Quality Improvement
Continuous evaluation of quality metrics ensures your required quality and business outcomes are met, and at the same time, provides risk intelligence that informs fact-based decision making.