Software Testing Training Courses

Testing is a rapidly expanding specialist field that requires a unique set of skills to meet the growing demands of the profession. 2i have created a blend of internationally recognised courses and bespoke courses that target specific testing areas, to provide a wide variety of solutions for all of your test training needs.

We utilise hundreds of years’ worth of testing experience that encompasses the full spectrum of different roles in testing and expertise in various industries to create courses that address specific areas of testing knowledge, empowering your teams to achieve all of their software testing goals.


Specialist Software Testing Training

Our specialist training is designed to meet the needs of testers who require training in specific areas of domain knowledge, and testers looking for new skills to enhance and compliment their existing testing knowledge and skills, to better equip them to deal with today’s demanding and fast moving markets.

All our specialist training is tailored to meet your specific requirements and we currently offer specialist courses in Investment Knowledge and Front Office Trading Systems, Charles River Investment Management Systems and Think Folio.


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