Personal Development

Unlock potential

Our aim is to unlock our employees’ full potential by fostering trust, investing in staff and providing greater autonomy and empowerment. We want to ensure our people are highly engaged and motivated and have an effective team culture with a real sense of belonging. And finally, we want to support and encourage innovation and creativity.

We support our staff through our Performance Management processes, Talent Management and Learning & Development Programme.

Our Communities of Practice enable staff to engage with like-minded people on topics they feel passionate about, sharing experiences and expanding their knowledge beyond their day-to-day tasks.

"Having joined 2i in May 2018, I immediately noticed the culture of being treated like an experienced professional, valued for opinions and respected for my decisions at work. I've been trusted with responsibilities, empowered to perform to my best abilities and recognised for my achievements.

The feeling of family within 2i is one of the most positive aspects of working here. Every year, we support a charity for various great causes, and we thoroughly enjoy participating in these events as a team. While it is a lot of hard work, it is even more fun and something I always look forward to."

Komal Komal Chatterley, Consultant