Software Testing for Financial Services

Experts in Investment Banking and Asset Management

2i have built up expertise and specialist domain knowledge within the Investment and Asset Management sector and we can claim an unparalleled level of experience totalling almost 150 years!

2i were founded due to the demand for dedicated testing professionals with asset and investment knowledge within a number of blue-chip investment and asset management companies.

Since 2005, we have combined our expertise and knowledge in software testing to the operating model, systems and data that are critical to how these organisations operate and manage very complex change and transformation programmes to create a unique and compelling offering for investment and asset management clients throughout the UK.

Our people understand the way your business operates; from a front, middle and back office perspective, the systems that you use, whether it be front office trading platforms including CRIMS and Thinkfolio, and the instruments you manage and the associated lifecycle or Business Events, and the data that is central and essential to all you do.

We understand the language that you speak and the environment that you operate in and are perfectly positioned to ensure that you adopt the most effective approach to testing and quality assurance to meet your project objectives.

Our Test Experts

2i’s skilled team of software testers have a genuine passion for testing and quality assurance, which we demonstrate through industry-led, personalised solutions. Everything we do for our clients is driven by our keen focus on the latest and most innovative testing practice from DevOps to the Big Data Testing.

No matter how complex and difficult the challenge may be, a true expert knows how to solve the problem. If you have a testing need, you’ll find that 2i have an intelligent solution for you.