Software Testing and Consultancy Services

Our many and varied testing services enable you to meet deadlines and exceed the expectations of customers and stakeholders. Our goal is simple - to guarantee a painless rollout for your technologies and software, providing a seamless user experience and boosting confidence in your business.

With a focus on quality throughout each stage of testing, we help deliver your project on schedule and without error, utilising an all-encompassing approach and leaving no stone unturned.

What we provide

We combine the best of Test Automation, Agile Testing, and all forms of classic software testing with a DevOps and Agile Testing approach, encouraging collaboration and delivering real value at speed to meet customer requirements.

All in all, 2i are here to help your software rollout run as smoothly as possible, avoiding costly delays and time-consuming fixes.

It’s by combining the different forms of testing you can see below, in tandem with Agile Testing and DevOps delivery practices, that we are able to ensure an effective rollout and that your software works as it should.

Let’s take a look at the kinds of testing services we provide and explore how we can help your business thrive with the very best in software testing.

Test Automation can solve the challenges of rapid development cycles and the need to respond to the escalating customer demands while preserving quality.
Agile development and an effective Agile testing approach will ensure you deliver the real value that your customers are expecting, quickly and with minimal risk.
Integration Testing is designed to check the integration of modules, their interaction among themselves, as well as the integration of subsystems into one common system.
Stress / Load / Soak Testing are different types of performance testing that targets how an application under test behaves when subjected to certain multi-user conditions.
During UAT, actual software users test the software to make sure it can handle required tasks in real-world scenarios.
Accessibility is an increasingly important non-functional quality attribute to ensure that today’s software products are accessible to all.
Operational Acceptance Testing validates that all the components that are required for a full live deployment of an application or software work as expected.
DevOps extends Agile Software Development methodologies to help organisations deliver software more quickly and in a more effective collaborative fashion.
Our Risk Mitigation Framework provides an expert view of where your delivery challenges really sit.
Our QAT Practice provides the solution to ensuring that testing is undertaken in a consistent, cost-effective and risk-focused manner.