Although Test Automation solutions and services have been available for decades, the current trend towards Agile and DevOps has triggered a renewed interest in its benefits.

Our approach to automation ensures that our clients reap the benefits from it immediately and not some vague rewards that they may be achieved from identifying some ‘return on investment’.

Implemented for the right reasons and at the right time, test automation will allow organisations to either reduce their manual test costs or redirect this effort to focus on higher-risk areas of their products or technology.

To ensure that our tailored Test Automation Service is suitable for our client’s situation, we always undertake an initial due diligence exercise to get clarity around;

  • The problem expected to be solved by automation – is automation really the answer? Automating all tests just switches a team’s effort from manual execution to maintaining tests that may not always add value
  • The team expected to be involved in the automation – are they the correct people? Automated testing is not just delivered through the User Interface, a team approach is required to determine the most effective layer of a technology stack to target
  • How automation will be implemented – what tools are needed? The market place offers many code and codeless automation solutions but clients have to select the right tools for the job or risk creating ‘shelfware’

This focus on ensuring that our clients implement the correct technology solutions sets us apart from other consultancies that simply push automation because it’s topical.

We will step clients through the business and technical considerations that must be part of a Test Automation service before defining the scope, requirements, test types and tooling that form the end to end service.

Once our due diligence is completed, our focus then shifts to ensuring that the implementation is aligned to all ongoing project delivery schedules with our clients left with an automation strategy, framework and service that enables them to test efficiently regardless of the delivery methodology they work with.

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