Providing our client with a clear view on how they should approach their quality assurance tasks during and after a complex merger

Our client, one of the world’s foremost and trusted savings and investments companies, was embarking on a complex company merger. The integration programme they were about to embark upon was hugely complex with both organisations operating two different delivery methodologies.

2i was asked to provide a clear way forward for the new organisation and it was clear that a detailed review of their current test capabilities was required, covering both heritage organisations, along with providing recommendations for best-practice tactical and strategic changes.

We quickly mobilised three of our senior consultants, ensuring that their skills and experience covered technology, test process and governance and, crucially, expert domain knowledge. This provided us with the capability to perform an end to end review of the “As Is” position across all areas of the organisation, capturing strengths, inconsistencies and duplication on all elements of the testing process.

We then used this information to provide a SWOT analysis that became key inputs into a Test Design and Delivery Strategy, and associated plan, for significant elements of the overall integration programme solution – all with an overall ambition to establish agile principles throughout the merged business.

Despite our client having to work through an enormous and complex integration programme, 2i ensured that their understanding of quality and risk was maintained and enabled the newly created entity to complete their structural re-organisation safe in the knowledge that they had a consistent approach to testing that could be rolled out to any part of the organisation, regardless of their delivery approach.