ISO Certification

We're pleased to announce that we've been awarded ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification for our proven adherence to the highest levels of information security. QMS has issued the certificate after an extensive auditing process of our Information Security Management System (ISMS).

To obtain an ISO 27001 certification, companies must show they've implemented a system for protecting and managing their sensitive company and client information including; employee and customer details, financial information, intellectual property and data entrusted to it by third parties.

Dave Kelly, CEO confirmed the successful certification, stating:

It's vitally important for us as a business that our customers, partners and employees know we are protecting their assets and data. I'm delighted to announce that our teams' commitment to maintaining the highest level of security has been rewarded with this most widely recognised security certification. 

Scope of the ISMS

ISMS specifies the requirements for the implementation of security controls, and 2i has successfully adopted the process approach for developing, implementing, and improving the effectiveness of its ISMS. In adopting the process approach we are committed to:

  • Understanding business information security requirements and the need to establish policy and objectives for information security
  • Implementing and operating controls in the context of managing the Organisation’s overall business risk
  • Monitoring and reviewing the performance and effectiveness of the ISMS
  • Continual improvement based on objective measures
  • Communicating throughout the Organisation the importance of meeting all relevant statutory and regulatory requirements specifically related to its business activities
  • Ensuring that adequate resources are determined and provided to monitor and maintain the ISMS.

ISO 27001:2013