We probably all know of organisations who have failed to factor robust testing into their delivery plans, whether they are operating in a Waterfall, Agile or a hybrid structure. The bigger the project the more risk that adds. It’s obvious, with the benefit of hindsight, but frequently overlooked…until it bites back.

By ‘testing’, we don’t mean the hands-on testing that testers or QA engineers deliver…we mean the mindset and thought process that ensures quality of output is a consideration and built into the planning right at the start of any development initiative. Not an after-thought added at the end.

At 2i we strongly feel that IT'S NEVER TOO EARLY TO CONSIDER QUALITY. To us it seems obvious that if we are collectively working together to deliver an outcome, we all want that outcome to be the best that can be achieved. We owe it to our colleagues, stakeholders, end users, clients of the service etc.

At 2i we use risk-based test and QA models, approaches and processes - built up through our years of delivery experience - that can determine the right test levels and test effort required, based on the risk of failure to your business.

So when faced with the question ‘when to start thinking like a tester’……we say ‘right back at Day zero’. If you don’t think that’s happened where you are working, then call it out early and amends can be made.

If in any doubt, feel free to pick up the telephone and ask our opinion. What’s to lose:

- We know testing through and through. It’s what we do. Why not talk it through?
- We come up with solutions and ideas to make things better. Because we like doing that!
- It may be that minor tweaks in the process or workflow can de-risk things significantly.
- If we think you’ve got it covered and are in good shape re testing, we will say so. Simple.
- We are super-responsive. We are not a big corporate, we are a SME - full of expert testers.
- We are a bunch of good people who like to help organisations succeed. No hard sell.

What’s not to like? Pick up the phone and have a chat with our teams in London or Scotland.