Being brand new to the industry and almost 2 months into our journey with 2i, there is one word we agreed summed up our experience so far… “WOW”.

We could have never imagined the depth and complexity of what software testing involves, and how important it is, particularly in the day and age we live in. We have both learned so much already and wanting to engage in the community, we attended our first event, joined by our colleagues Chris Murphy and Greg McKenna.

“What is testing?” - Hosted by The Ministry of Testing Essentials

Our two very welcoming hosts, Del Dewar and Tracey Baxter, began the evening with an icebreaker activity that asked all participants to consider why they were attending the event and their reasons for being a part of the testing industry.

Everyone attending had a variety of backgrounds ranging from many years of experience in related IT disciplines, to having only worked in other sectors outside of testing.

We collated and discussed the reasons, finding out that everyone attending was here for similar reasons – to learn, meet new people, and to gain different perspectives. These are common themes we have seen in all the people we have interacted with so far.

Following the icebreaker, we were introduced to our first testing activity. This involved an exploratory exercise, in groups, where we were given a website to navigate through.

As websites come, this one was very poor, which allowed us to recognise many issues surrounding its functionality. With or without a testing background, we all tend to have pre-conceptions on how a website should behave effectively which meant most of the issues on the page were easily identified.

This allowed us to follow on from our experiences and skills gained in the internal 2i Exploratory Testing course ran by Fergus McLachlan that we attended a couple of weeks ago.

After a much-anticipated pizza break, we continued with discussions around defining what software testing actually is.

This involved some online research and self-definitions, but what really came to light was that everyone had a different definition of what software testing means to them.

Using Google to search for “software testing definition”, we found that almost every link for the first page of results had a unique definition. Sharing our answers with the group, we learned that the definition was dependent on what that individual had experienced over their career and the different working environments they have been exposed to. For example, if someone was working in a very risk focused environment, defining software testing would be much more focused on mitigating risk.

The final activity was to create a mind map of the Traits, Skills and Knowledge that a successful software tester should have. This was again done in groups and focused on interacting with each other to form a complete list of the qualities all of us should strive to have.

Getting to interact with people from a variety of backgrounds and seeing their thoughts was very useful as it helped us see the bigger picture of what is expected from a software tester and the areas we can work on to become a better tester.

Overall, we both had a fantastic first event and will be looking forward to engaging in future sessions.

The world of software testing is an ever-changing landscape and with upcoming advancements in technology and new innovations, involving yourself in community events is a powerful way to stay informed and to challenge your everyday thinking.

Emma and Jack

The Ministry of Testing Essentials Meetups are regular events that are fast becoming the most relevant quality sessions around. Have a look at their website and get along to the next event

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