The number of organisations that are undertaking a “digital transformation” programme has never been greater. The trigger for these activities can be varied but at their heart is a desire to be more efficient, take advantage of new technologies and get their products to market more quickly.

At 2i, we regularly see confusion and uncertainty about what this means for testing and how quality assurance, in general, should look in the new target operating model.

To solve this problem, we have introduced our Digital Transformation Service which guides our clients through these challenges and solves the mystery of what this means for existing testing leaders and delivery executives and keeps quality at the front of the activity.

Our tried and tested seven-step Transformation approach approaches each engagement on the principle that clients need to be absolutely clear on what they are trying to achieve and what the REAL blockers are in their organisation.

We help clients understand the full transformation challenges they face, not just from a testing perspective, and work with them to create an achievable, stepped plan that identifies and targets the activities needed to deliver against their transformation plans.

Our SAFe certified Agile consultants provide our clients with the roadmap to achieve their goals and then step into the teams to implement against those recommendations whether it be an Enterprise Test & QA Strategy for Agile Delivery, an Automated Test Assessment and Framework Implementation or Team Coaching in Agile Test approaches.

2i do this with our team of consultants who have been through the transformation journey themselves and who will bring their experiences – good and bad – to our clients to help them achieve more value from less effort.

To find out more about our digital transformation service, get in touch with our team to chat about your requirements.

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