User Acceptance Testing (UAT) can be a challenge for many organisations. The insight and expertise of your users and their experience of using a system can be key to a project’s success. However, unlocking the capacity for these business SMEs, who generally have a day job, is not always easy or possible.

Our team are able to work with your organisation and adapt our approach to suit your needs whether you need testing expertise to support and upskill business resource to deliver UAT or you need skilled testing resource to acquire business domain knowledge and operate as a proxy for your business resource to deliver UAT.

Our service includes:

  • Providing training on the roles and responsibilities of UAT analysts
  • Providing training on any testing tools to be used as part of UAT
  • Supporting the development of UAT test scripts
  • Supporting UAT test execution and reporting of defects identified
  • Managing workload to ensure delivery to test schedules
How we do it

What we bring to your organisation

Our team will define and implement a Test Plan to deliver UAT within the cost, quality and time requirements of your change delivery.
Our team will develop UAT test scripts leveraging business domain knowledge acquired from your Business SMEs.
Our team will execute UAT test scripts as a proxy for Business SMEs.
Our team will engage with Business SMEs to create a feedback loop on issues identified through test to support determination of impact and priority.
Our team will showcase test execution progress to Business SMEs to build business confidence and engagement.