2i Performance Testing provides essential insights into the adequacy of your software environment and system as a whole. It’s essential for considering how to support the peak production load you hope to achieve, and helps to evaluate the capability of a load balancer.

Performance Testing is a vital step as it establishes how your software performs under more realistic usage scenarios, and offers data surrounding scalability and capacity. This kind of data is crucial for your future growth.

What are the different kinds of Performance Testing?

Load Testing is how well an application works when a realistic number of users are performing normal tasks at the same time. Stress Testing is how things operate when that number is higher than anticipated, and Soak Testing is how a high volume of users over a sustained period affects usability and performance. 

All of these forms of testing are key to a successful rollout with a focus on usability and scalability.

A comprehensive approach to Performance Testing

Our comprehensive analysis of your system considers end-to-end usage instead of a solely technical solution. 

We evaluate everything from potential risks to your business and the technology within your system, to appropriate performance goals. This helps us define your Non-Functional Testing requirements and carry out relevant analysis. 

Then it’s a case of developing a Performance Testing strategy aligned with your risk appetite and agreed quality expectations. We implement a Performance Test Strategy covering test design, execution, and analysis of results. 

As standard, we also provide ongoing support and provide recommendations for improvements with regards to performance, and we’re here to support informed decisions on risk.