The testing operating models of the past are no longer fit for purpose to support assurance across multiple technology stacks and channels to meet the demand for regular delivery of high-quality solutions for a business.

2i have delivered and implemented modern test practices for clients in many sectors and into all delivery methodologies. There is no one better placed to help organisations take the right approach at the right time to deliver the best value.

Our comprehensive range of consultancy services include our own structured Due Diligence review, guidance on how to re-position a testing function for an Agile or DevOps approach and general advice on anything to do with testing, quality assurance or risk management.

In today’s collaborative world, testing needs to break out of the habit of telling other delivery teams bad news at the end of a development process and be embedded in every stage of the delivery pipeline. 2i can make sure organisations approach this in the most effective manner, regardless of the end objective.

Our consultancy process is a staged engagement and delivery approach consisting of the following;

  • Discovery – We make sure both 2i and our clients have asked the right question
  • Analysis – We take this information and turn it into a clear, real value output
  • Report – We document & distribute the current position, findings and action plans with key stakeholders
  • Strategy and Improvement Planning – We work with stakeholders to review and implement, alter or abandon the plan of action
  • Implementation – We implement new solutions with people, process and technology deliverables with constant monitoring to measure the effectiveness
  • Report – We report on of all these stages for learnings and revision
  • Follow Up – We schedule follow-up sessions at agreed intervals to measure success against the original objectives

Crucially, we can stop at the initial report stage and make the exercise as concise or as broad as required.


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