Improve the effectiveness of your testing process with our bespoke risk mitigation framework, AssureRMF.

With organisations adopting so many variations of what used to be fairly straightforward delivery methodologies, it can be harder than ever for you to identify what and where the issues within the software lifecycle are.

To help you through this situation, we’ve created our own unique risk mitigation process to expose where your REAL issues sit and how to navigate through them.

AssureRMF has been purposefully designed to de-risk and accelerate your delivery and change programmes, providing greater certainty of achieving your prioritised strategic objectives.

Here are some recent examples of how we have delivered AssureRMF to turnaround projects and get them back on track;

Example 1

A CTO of a retail bank got in touch as they were uncertain that a large software delivery would meet its implementation date.

We used AssureRMF to identify several issues with their current process and the status of all the components within the delivery.

2i built a bespoke risk heatmap tool for managing the release and advised the bank how to transition to a more sustainable Agile model.

Example 2

We were asked to review the efficiency of testing within a large, complex government department.

We used AssureRMF to review all the testing processes and assets held at the outset and conducted interviews with many of the key stakeholders and process owners.

Building on what already existed, 2i provided a clear path to improve how software testing was being conducted going forward to meet the objective of reducing the risk of their application implementations. In addition, we included recommendations for the use of a number of test management tools that suited their delivery methodology and helped them gain further control of their quality assurance activities.

Example 3

We have been working with a product company who want to refine their software delivery lifecycle and move quickly towards effective test automation and an agile delivery model.

Our SAFe certified engineers have used AssureRMF to map out the company’s current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to define a framework for future proof working.

"2i undertook an audit of our processes and approach adopted in a highly complex programme with some unique challenges. Providing us several key strategic recommendations enabled us to re-focus our approach enabling more efficient and effective processes required to deliver our products to the Ambulance Services in England, Scotland and Wales."

Stuart Murphy - Senior Programme Manager, Department of Health & Social Care

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