Our aim is to unlock our employees’ full potential by fostering trust, investing in staff and providing greater autonomy and empowerment.

Performance Management Framework

Have you ever worked somewhere, where as soon as you start, the learning and career progression stopped?

Not at 2i! Everyone at 2i has a clear understanding and clear visibility of the Performance Management Framework - career paths for progression.

 The Framework provides the foundation and opportunity for further development and career progression for all employees and is supported by a comprehensive Learning & Development (L&D) plan. We re-invest 4% of revenue back into L&D ensuring our people continuously upskill and meet their own aspirations as well as the needs of our clients.

Career progression routes are managed by a combination of dedicated line managers and career coaches. On top of the support from managers and coaching, you can request a mentor - or indeed to become a mentor yourself.

We have a rich and varied Learning and Development programme, with the widest range of classroon-based, self-learning and remote teaching available.