Engineering is where tests get built, bugs get spotted and our clients’ products and services leave in much better shape than they arrived.

As a test engineer you’ll draw upon your coding knowledge and problem-solving skills to deliver the testing services that our clients need (and maybe some they didn’t realise they needed), whether that be User Interface (UI) testing, Application Programming Interface (API) testing, test automation or more.

Innovative Problem-Solving

Every client presents a different set of problems to tackle and therefore new opportunities for learning.
What’s more, the engineering team also produces its own tools and solutions for use within 2i and further afield, many of which begin as ideas in the heads of individual engineers.

If you’re outgoing, relish a challenge and are eager to learn, you’ll be right at home in Engineering.

What are you waiting for? Apply now.

"I do love a good project, especially one I'm learning from. The past few weeks have been the biggest learning experience for me, with all the training and projects I've been working on. Being in a team is a huge help with learning for me. I've not collaborated much before, so it's great getting to expand on that, and being able to see what everyone else is working on is great for getting ideas of things to learn."

Gabriel Kane
2i Engineer