Our QAT team focuses on helpful delivery

2i's services and solutions are specific to each client, and the team provides and end-to-end service to get the outcome that the client needs.

We go way beyond "just" the execution of test strategies and plans in order to help our clients meet their immediate and longer-term plans.

Technology, People and Processes

You will have the opportunity to work on all aspects of our clients' requirements – Technologies, People or Processes – or a combination of all three.

We adopt a range of methods and techniques that help us define and implement everything from tactical plans through to enterprise-wide solutions, and so you'll find yourself working closely with the Consultancy and Engineering teams who will be designing the solution.

Opportunity for Innovation

You are the team "at the coalface", doing the do, close to the customer, and we rely on the QAT team to flag challenges and propose ideas for greater efficiencies and innovation to serve 2i and our customers.

If this sounds like you, and you are up for a challenge, our QAT team is waiting for your application!