Managing User Acceptance Test Levels Using automation to reduce time and cost, and mitigate business risk

2i worked with their client, a leading investment management bank, on the development of their client communication reporting platform, including a remit to manage the User Acceptance Test level. As the business wanted additional functionality and features during quarterly release cycles, this required continuous testing which was consuming a significant amount of staff time and effort.

Challenged to identify options to reduce this effort without increasing risk to the business, 2i carried out a review of the application, future development and existing regression testing to identify areas which would benefit from test automation.

  • We identified two key areas requiring a total of 40 hours of manual effort per regression cycle to achieve full coverage

  • We structured the business requirements into a format that could also be used as data sets to drive automated tests

  • We developed an automated test script using HP Quick Test Pro driven by the business requirements data set

  • We collaborated with developers and analysts to produce an automated comparison test tool that highlighted any changes in report formatting and output between software versions

“40 hours of manual test effort were reduced to 8 hours per regression cycle thus reducing regression testing turnaround time, project cost and business risk”