Reduction of Man Hours A problem shared… saves time and man hours

In a typical IT environment, multiple projects are running at the same time, each with a dedicated test team responsible for reporting on progress, defects and any other relevant metrics on a daily basis. Our client, an investment bank, was increasingly concerned that reports were taking up to an hour a day to pull together… time better spent on testing.

2i were asked to look at the problem and recommend both time saving and report standardisation measures. Simple enough, but each Test Coordinator and Test Manager had their own way of working – and their own views on how the reports should be presented.

  • We analysed previous status reports and Test Completion Reports to gain an understanding of the data being presented and the commonalities across all documents

  • We held discussions with Project Managers and stakeholders to canvas their opinion on the merits of a standardised format, with the reassurance that this would result in greater consistency and reduced input hours

  • We spent time with each of the Test Coordinators and Test Managers to establish how much time and work was involved each day

  • We created a macro driven Excel workbook that dynamically connected to the test repository tool (Quality Center) to extract the appropriate information for each project

  • We further enhanced the reporting mechanism to provide a historical view of test execution progress over the entire reporting window

  • We successfully created a new report that takes 5 minutes to set up and only 1-3 minutes each day to refresh and deliver data

"For every day of execution on every project, 55 minutes are saved from data input and returned to project delivery"

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