Transition to Agile Testing Methodology Smoothing the transition from Waterfall to Agile
Our client, an Edinburgh based asset management house, was entering phase 2 of a significant project to consolidate investment data from third party administrators into a ‘golden copy’ made available at the start of every business day. Phase 1 of the project was implemented using Waterfall, but the client wanted to switch to Agile methodology for phase 2 to enable faster implementation of a data by running two to three work streams in parallel.

Having managed the User Acceptance Testing services for Phase 1 of the project, 2i stepped in to both manage and perform all of the testing on Phase 2, and address a number of challenges.

  • We redefined the project test approach to suit the Agile methodology and changed test planning around development schedules and release plans for every sprint

  • We created a separate resource group to initialise and set up suitable test environments to support the simultaneous running of test releases in a multiple workstream scenario

  • We held extensive discussions and workshops to discuss functional and technical specifications

  • We maintained test-to-requirement traceability and defect management using Quality Centre

  • We introduced peer reviews and business analyst sign off of the test coverage

  • We introduced sprint readiness sessions

  • We created reusable test tools on MEDM (Markit Enterprise Data Management) to help expedite the test preparation

  • We were able to detect defects relating to requirement and functionality gaps early, thanks to the existing expertise and domain knowledge within the 2i resource pool

“With 2i running Systems Test, the amount of tests executed per month after the switch to Agile increased from 30 to 275 leading to a 500% increase in defect detection!”