2i Quick Test Essential Courses

2i Quick Test Essentials - half day courses covering some of the key elements of test fundamentals, test techniques, testing best practice and testing roles.

These half day and full day courses help introduce the basics of software testing. They are designed to help you to improve the way you undertake software testing in your organisation by giving you an overview of the core concepts and explain how testing fits into the project lifecycle and team workflows.

Ideal for:

  • Those who aren't familiar with software testing processes and terminology.
  • Those who are planning to improve their internal software testing function. 


Introduction to Testing

2i's own half day course designed for the non-testing community. We will explain the purpose of testing, the different levels of test, where they sit within the project lifecycle and how it is actually performed. We can tailor this course to match the knowledge and the objectives of the audience.


Defect Management

Designed specifically for testers who need to understand more about the Defect Management process explaining what a good defect lifecycle looks like, who should be involved and how it should be managed.


Risk Based Testing

You can't test everything and this session explains what Risk Based Testing is, why you should consider it and gives you a process to apply within your projects. This short masterclass is designed for any manager who is interested in applying a risk-based approach to their testing.


Exploratory Testing Courses

With the increase in popularity of Agile methodologies within project delivery, more organisations are looking to introduce Exploratory testing techniques into the process. 2i Testing recently launched 2 innovative courses which support organisations in this area.

You are able to register for these courses individually or combine them together to create an all-encompassing Exploratory testing course.


Exploratory Testing Overview

This half-day course can be tailored to your organisations way of working. Whilst the course includes some practical exercises, it has been designed with Senior Managers and Non-Testing Professionals in mind to help them understand the principles of Exploratory testing.


Exploratory Testing Workshop

This one-day course covers the principles of Exploratory testing, the documentation required and how to perform and manage this type of testing effectively. This popular course includes a range of practical exercises to help your team get the most from the training.


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