AssureATF ™, a new tool developed by 2i, an Edinburgh-based software testing specialist, has the potential to transform the way organisations test by making test automation accessible to all.

AssureATF, which stands for Automation Test Framework, is a piece of software that can create completely bespoke test automation frameworks, tailored to the exact requirements of a client or project, in just minutes, as opposed to weeks or months.

Organisations with regular application or website deployments and updates would benefit from software testing being automated. Automated testing saves a huge amount of time and greatly reduces the risk of manual errors.

The alternative is manual testing, where a tester would physically try out all the various components of a site to check that everything worked as intended. For proof of delivery, the tester would be required to take notes and screenshots for each test. Manual testing is time-consuming, but (until now) was a quicker way to start test execution when compared with the initial set-up time required for test automation. Also, manual testing does not require coding knowledge, and so was therefore viewed as more affordable. 

2i proposes that AssureATF will change all this.

Time-Saving - From 10 weeks to Just 3 minutes

Test Automation set-up necessitated a substantial investment in time and cost. For a large application or site, the building of a test framework – which might include Application Programming Interface (API), User Interface (UI), Performance, Accessibility, Security and/or Compatibility testing - could take as much as 10 weeks before even the first tests were run. This put Automation out of reach for many organisations.

2i's revolutionary AssureATF builds test frameworks in around 3 minutes. That’s 10 weeks less engineering time and cost, and 10 weeks less project time required before Go Live for a large application. And once the framework is built, the tool makes writing test scripts extremely simple, meaning that junior test engineers can use the software and start delivering test results on day 1.

A Game-Changer for the Test Industry

“This tool is truly a game-changer for this industry,” states Dave Kelly, Managing Director at 2i, “Time is of the essence in every software rollout, and the benefits of Test Automation are clear. But, until now, the set-up time has been the barrier – and our engineers have just torn down that barrier. With AssureATF test automation is achievable, with tests being run and value being delivered from the first day.”

The benefits of the tool are even greater at enterprise-level. The speed and flexibility it provides mean that multiple bespoke frameworks can be rolled out simultaneously. The standardised approach allows engineers to easily rotate between teams, without upskilling, to meet the projects’ workload. Stacking the benefits of resource flexibility on top of the time savings of test automation can transform a business’ project timelines and associated costs.

How it works

Three simple steps are all that is required. 

First, the testing requirements are selected. This happens in a discussion to define the customer’s needs. Clients can choose from UI, API, Performance, Compatibility, Accessibility and Security automation solutions. Multiple options are available for each area of testing and provide flexibility to match the client’s tech stack. The solution is pipeline agnostic, meaning it can be easily integrated as one or multiple quality gates in any continuous delivery and integration pipeline. This gives the client the confidence and ability to make regular releases to Live and fully supports agile working and incremental development.  

Secondly, once the tools are selected, AssureATF generates the framework in less time than it takes to make a cup of tea. In around 3 minutes, the bespoke test framework is delivered by email in a zip file. AssureATF goes through an automated test stage, executing smoke tests in each of the testing areas to ensure that a fully functioning framework is delivered every time, with each piece of software working smoothly in conjunction with one another.

Thirdly, the framework is deployed to an engineer, ready for test automation work to commence. 

The complete process, from test automation requirement selection to a complete working framework, takes between three and five minutes. This speed has removed the upfront overhead of framework creation, allowing testing automation to start in minutes rather than weeks, saving organisations vast amounts of time and money.

About 2i

2i brings strategy, delivery and certainty to the digital evolution of private and public sector organisations. It provides software testing consultancy, automation and engineering services to de-risk IT implementations often involving the merging, managing and controlling of multi-vendor teams, to ensure programme efficiency and delivery on time, on spec and on budget every time.
Notable customers include the Home Office, NHS Open Spaces, Social Security Scotland, Abrdn and New Look.


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